About Our Courses

FIDIC offers a wide range of high-quality training conducted by trainers who are international experts with thorough experience and knowledge of FIDIC contracts, FIDIC Values and Business practices. Training is delivered via stand-alone events or following a specific learning path, and can be online or classroom-based, for public or private audience.
Most of the FIDIC training events produce an attendance certificate to the participants.
Our training and education events can be browsed by the following:   
Type: Course, Class, Workshop, Webinar/Seminar
Delivery method:
  • Online-Live, Online-On-Demand, In-Class, or Hybrid (live & on demand)
  • Online-Live courses are delivered online and in real time via FIDIC Academy platform
  • Online On-Demand courses are delivered online, but are pre-recorded, so they can be accessed at any time that is convenient for a participant
  • In-Class courses are delivered face-to-face, in a designated class environment
  • Hybrid courses combine live online delivery in real time with sessions which are pre-recorded/on demand.
  • Public or Private/in-house
  • Public courses are organized for open groups of participants coming from various organizations. These courses are publicly advertised and open for participants interested in the advertised topic. Public courses are organized periodically, on dates/times set by the FIDIC Academy throughout the year.
  • Private/in-house courses are organized for closed groups of participants, usually coming from the same organization, for their internal purposes. These courses are not advertised, as they are intended for interested parties who express their interest privately, and those groups are not accessible to public.
FIDIC Academy’s courses are mostly given in English. However, our portfolio of courses has certain courses which are in other languages. Please check https://academy.fidic.org/learn on the upcoming courses, or contact us via email training@fidic.org for more information.
Level of proficiency:
Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced
Subject matter/ Topic
FIDIC Academy training courses cover the following core subject matters:
  • FIDIC Contracts   
  • Business Practice   
  • FIDIC Values   

The FIDIC Contracts subject matter covers the following topics/disciplines:

  • Contract Principles
  • Use of FIDIC Contracts
  • Dispute Avoidance & Resolution.

The Business Practice subject matter covers the following topics/disciplines:

  • Consulting Businesses
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource and Welfare Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement and Project Finance
  • Project Management
  • Design Management
The FIDIC Values subject matter covers the following topics/disciplines:
  • Integrity Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Project and Quality Management
  • Risk Management
If you cannot find a course of interest to you, please contact us via email training@fidic.org for more information.  Based on the most frequent requests, we will do our best to organise the training course you are looking for.
If you are looking for a private course to be organized, please fill in the Expression of Interest Form.