Taught by highly experienced trainers, courses will allow you to:

Expand your knowledge with cases immediately applicable
to your daily practice.

Share best practices with your peers and teachers.

Strengthen your Project and Contract Management expertise.

Thoroughly understand the claim and dispute resolution procedures.

Complement your technical skills with commercial skills relating to running successful consulting engineering businesses and projects

Build on or expand your knowledge of subjects associated with FIDIC's three values of quality, integrity and sustainability

FIDIC also publishes business practice documents such as policy statements, position papers, guidelines, training manuals and training resource kits in the areas of management systems (quality management, risk management, business integrity management, environment management, sustainability) and business processes (consultant selection, quality-based selection, tendering, procurement, insurance, liability, technology transfer, capacity building).

FIDIC organises the annual FIDIC Global Infrastructure Conference, international and regional contract users’ conferences and an extensive programme of training events and webinars.