Fundamentals of Infrastructure Project Management

Project Management

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Fundamentals of Infrastructure Project Management
Training hours: 0.8 hours (50 min)
Level: Introductory
Language: English, with translations in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish

EUR 80 per participant
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Course description:
The Fundamentals of Infrastructure Project Management course is designed to equip professionals in the infrastructure sector with the critical skills necessary for project success.

By establishing a solid foundation of essential skills, this course empowers individuals to contribute significantly to achieving project goals. With the integration of multiple case studies and real-world examples in global infrastructure, participants will delve into various topics such as:
• Principles of Project Management
• Styles (Agile vs Waterfall)
• Procurement
• Contracts
• Introductions to different Project Management Software
• Frequently used charts
• Project management plans
• Execution and control
• Project Life Cycle
• Stakeholder management
• Scope management
• Schedule management
• GANTT charts
• Earned value
• Quality management
• Risk management
• Human resources
• Dispute resolution
• Project closure

This course is ideal for infrastructure industry professionals, including established and aspiring project managers, project administrators, engineers, architects, construction managers, urban planners, procurement specialists, contract administrators, financial analysts, quality control personnel, government officials, regulators, quantity surveyors investors and project representatives.

It equips participants with essential project management skills to excel in their roles and contribute to successful infrastructure projects. Whether directly or indirectly involved in project oversight, attendees will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of project management principles and practices specific to the infrastructure sector.

Learning outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, participants will acquire a comprehensive understanding of project management terminology, processes, and the significance of scaling project management approaches for each project. They will possess the ability to identify and generate templates and commonly used project management tools employed in the industry. Furthermore, attendees will be equipped to conduct effective Stakeholder Management sessions using the “Iron Triangle” approach, thereby enhancing project outcomes.

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Participants will have access to the course for 48 hours after the first access date.

Admission criteria

No prior knowledge is required. This online course requires a good level of English and access to a computer with an internet connection.

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FIDIC will provide a Certificate of Completion to all participants who successfully watched the course video, passed the quiz and completed the on-demand course evaluation.

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Participants will have access to the course for 48 hours after the first access date.

Registration Deadline: 30/11/2023
Delivery Method: Online-On-Demand
Language: English
Level: Foundation
Duration: 0.8 hours