Fundamentals of International Construction Contracts

Contract Principles

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Fundamentals of International Construction Contracts
Training hours: 0.6 hours (40 min)
Level: Introductory
Language: English, with translations in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish

EUR 80 per participant
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Course description: 
This on-demand course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the basic principles and key features of international construction contracts. It is intended for anyone involved in the construction industry, including contractors, engineers, project managers, legal professionals, and government officials.

Our on-demand course is available in English, with subtitle translations available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish, making it accessible to a wide range of professionals around the world. And at just EUR 80 per participant, it’s an affordable investment in your professional development.

The course provides a basic knowledge of international construction law and the contracts that govern international construction projects. It also discusses the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern international construction contracts, including an introduction to the FIDIC Suite of International Construction Contracts.

The course ensures those working on these projects are aware of the issues and risks that can arise and are able to protect themselves and their organisations when working on international construction projects, as well as create a foundation for professionals wanting to gain knowledge in this field, and potentially expand on it with further training at a later stage.

Course instructors:
The course instructors are Sheena Sood, a Partner at Beale & Co, and Sophia Harlow, a Senior Associate at Beale & Co. Beale & Co is a firm of International Construction and Insurance Law specialists.

Learning outcomes:
By taking this course, you will gain the following:

A clear understanding of the project stakeholders and their roles in an international construction contract
An overview of the way in which international construction projects can be funded and the impact that will have on the terms of the construction contract
An overview of the risks and issues that can arise in international construction projects and how the construction contract can be used to limit those risks
An understanding of the main dispute resolution options in international construction contracts. An introduction to the process of International Arbitration and an explanation of why the terms of the arbitration agreement in an international construction contract are very important.

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Participants will have access to the course for 48 hours after the first access date.

Admission criteria

No prior knowledge is required. This online course requires a good level of English and access to a computer with an internet connection.

Official FIDIC certificate

FIDIC will provide a Certificate of Completion to all participants who successfully watched the course video, passed the quiz and completed the on-demand course evaluation.

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Participants will have access to the course for 48 hours after the first access date.

Registration Deadline: 30/11/2023
Delivery Method: Online-On-Demand
Language: English
Level: Foundation
Duration: 0.6 hours