Fundamentals of Sustainability for Global Infrastructure

Sustainability Management

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Fundamentals of Sustainability for Global Infrastructure
Training hours: 0.8 hours (45 min)
Level: Introductory
Language: English, with translations in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish

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Course overview:
Participants looking to attend Fundamentals of Sustainability for Global Infrastructure will gain an insightful understanding of the core principles of sustainability in global infrastructure. The focus will be on the dual significance of sustainability for our operating firms and the projects we initiate. By utilising the pillars of sustainability and the United Nations SDGs, attendees will explore the driving forces, advantages and possibilities that sustainability offers within the realm of professionals in the built environment and for their respective organisations. The sessions will draw from practical case studies and examples, bridging the gap between theory and application and equipping participants to effectively leverage sustainability for personal growth and the advancement of their firms.

Who should attend:
This programme is designed to accommodate a diverse array of individuals crucial to the landscape of infrastructure projects. It is particularly well-suited for aspiring Design Managers, Construction Managers, Engineers, Project Managers, Project Administrators and emerging Project Managers. Additionally, stakeholders from various domains intersecting with infrastructure projects, including finance, legal and community engagement, will find value in understanding and influencing sustainable project outcomes. In essence, this programme welcomes professionals and stakeholders across roles, providing tailored insights to enrich their understanding of sustainability’s role within infrastructure projects.

To have an overview and basic understanding of the Principles of Sustainable Development Practice such as:
• The origins of the sustainability concept and the principles of sustainable development
• The pillars of sustainability
• Developing an Awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
• The drivers and the benefits of a commitment to sustainability
• The principles of sustainable infrastructure and the framework and methodology for its delivery
• Positioning for sustainability in the Built Environment
• Building capacity to deliver sustainability and opportunities in Sustainable Development Services
• Sustainable procurement
• Concept of achieving Net Zero and its importance to the global infrastructure sector

Teaching method:
This course is delivered in an on-demand format, allowing you the flexibility to access the content whenever and wherever suits you best. The course materials comprise engaging case studies, real-world examples, and interactive exercises, ensuring an immersive learning experience. Additionally, a final quiz at the end of the course enables you to assess your comprehension and reinforce your understanding of the topics covered.

More Info:
Participants will have access to the course for 48 hours after the first access date.

Admission criteria

No prior knowledge is required. This online course requires a good level of English and access to a computer with an internet connection.

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FIDIC will provide a Certificate of Completion to all participants who successfully watched the course video, passed the quiz and completed the on-demand course evaluation.

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Participants will have access to the course for 48 hours after the first access date.

Registration Deadline: 30/11/2023
Delivery Method: Online-On-Demand
Language: English
Level: Foundation
Duration: 0.8 hours