FIDIC Short Form of Contract Course – Green Book (former Module 7)

Use of FIDIC Contracts

Full title:
FIDIC Short Form of Contract Course – Green Book (former Module 7)
Formerly known as: FIDIC Online Module 7: The updated FIDIC Module on the FIDIC Short Form of Contract (Green Book) 2nd Edition, 2021

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Programme overview

This online training course will look at the 2nd Edition (2021) of the FIDIC short form of Contract. The Green Book 2nd Edition meets the current demand of the international construction industry for projects where the perceived level of risk is low and/or where construction parties need a contract form that is simple to use and doesn’t require significant contract administration and management resources.

The Green Book 2nd Edition continues FIDIC’s key principles of balanced risk sharing while seeking to build on the substantial experience gained from the original Green Book’s use over the past 22 years. The updated contract captures the essential rights and obligations of the parties and is used as an alternative to the 2017 Red and Yellow Books, resulting in FIDIC providing for a fully-fledged range of contract solutions to meet different project specificities.

The Green Book also includes some brand-new features such as the prolongation cost (PGC) mechanism, a tabulated summary of contractor’s entitlement for employer’s risks, the use of an insurance certificate to be signed by an insurer or broker, user-friendly flow charts and 40 communication forms provided as guidance for practitioners.

Join this course to learn about all the key features of the Green Book 2Nd Edition, and be ready to use it on construction projects across the world.

Programme objectives and learning outcomes

This online training course will allow you to:

•    Learn from the principal drafter of the 2021 Green Book 2nd Edition about its main features, with a particular highlight on the new ones developed against the 1999 Edition

•    Get the necessary knowledge to successfully prepare and implement a Green Book 2nd Edition based contract

•    Dive into the spirit and details of the Contract provisions, and the way they operate

•    Benefit from practical/hands-on feedback and insights from an experienced FIDIC practitioner

Who should attend

All those working/about to work on low-risk projects, and/or projects where a simplified contract machinery is sought:

•    Employers (including international development banks and financiers)

•    Consulting engineers

•    Contractors

•    Quantity surveyors

•    Contract and claim management experts

•    Lawyers

•    Related professionals involved in construction works and contract administration

Teaching method

•    Live online sessions – All sessions will be delivered in interactive mode between the tutor and the participants, with ample opportunities for raising questions.

•    Work exercises will be given to the participants throughout the course so that they can test their understanding of the topics covered.

Session 1

• Market feedback on the use of the 1999 Green Book in the field
• 2021 Green Book – For what use? General and specific objectives
• Green Book structure and timeline
• General provisions

Session 2

• Role and responsibilities of the Employer and the Engineer
• Role and responsibilities of the Contractor
• Risk allocation between the Parties
• Insurance coverage of risks

Session 3

• Enforcing rights: the claim management and dispute resolution procedure

Session 4

• Contractor’s time and quality obligations – handling defects and delays
• Time relief mechanism – EOT, delay damages, Prolongation Cost
• Taking over of the Works – procedure
• Defects Notification Period and Performance Certificate

Session 5

• Variation procedure
• Contract Price and payment matters
• Suspension and Termination

Session 6

• Guidance Note – tips for successfully preparing a Green Book based Contract
• Communication forms
• Q&A on any matter related to the course

Session 7

• Case studies

Admission criteria

Experience needed in construction contracts administration, management, and/or claim management and dispute resolution.

This online course requires that participants have access to a computer with an internet connection either at their workplace or at home, whichever is more convenient regarding the timing of the sessions.

Official FIDIC certificate

A Certificate of Completion will be provided by FIDIC to the participants having attended 70% or more of all sessions (either live or recorded) and having submitted in writing all of the exercises or case works on the FIDIC Academy eLearning platform. The participants who do not meet this requirement will not receive a certificate.

The participants who do not meet this requirement will not receive a certificate.

Optional further certification

For applicable further certification, please explore options at

Course work

The live course events, assessments and discussions will take place on FIDIC’s new eLearning platform FIDIC Academy. This online course requires access to a computer with good internet connection and preferably a working microphone and camera.


Participants will receive access to the following electronic book 1 – 3 days before the start of the programme:

  • Short Form of Contract 2nd Ed (2021 Green Book)

Cost & Discounts

Euro 1500 per participant

Group discount
A discount of 10% will be applied should 2 or more participants register from the same firm.
In order to benefit from the group registration discount, send all the participant names and email addresses to to receive the discount coupon needed for registration.

FIDIC Member discount
If you belong to a FIDIC Member Association or Affiliate, you are eligible for a 15% discount on our online live contracts training courses and on-demand courses. To obtain the discount code, kindly email your proof of FIDIC membership or affiliation to

Price: €1500
Registration Deadline: 13/10/2023
Delivery Method: Online-Live
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Duration: 14 hours 
Sessions: 7