Contract Principles

Title: FIDIC-Kings College Summer School 2024
Mode: In-person
When: Tuesday 2 July – Saturday 6 July 2024, 09:00 to 18:00 (BST)
Location: King’s College London, Strand Campus
Language: English
Registration: Please note this course is now FULLY BOOKED for 2024. You may email to express your interest in the course.

Course description
This one-week training course covers the FIDIC standard form contracts in practice. FIDIC contracts lie at the heart of many international projects, and a good understanding of the applicable law is required. This intensive course builds on common law and civil principles and considers how FIDIC standard form processes operate in various legal systems. The FIDIC 1999 suite of contracts and the new FIDIC 2017 Red, Yellow and Silver books are analysed. Reference will also be made to older FIDIC contracts, such as the 1987 Red Book and 1995 Orange Book, in order to focus on particular aspects of the contracts used in practice.

The course is offered to senior executives and is designed to equip talented commercial managers, engineers and lawyers with advanced legal, commercial and practical knowledge about FIDIC contracts and the legal background within which they operate. The course is run by leading practitioners and focuses on the common and civil law legal frameworks within which the contracts are used.

Course topics include:

  • Party obligations- Employer, Engineer and Contractor
  • Design responsibility, risk and insurance
  • Early contractor involvement and BIM
  • Prices, valuation, payment, variations and claims
  • Change management and quality management
  • Notices and claims procedures
  • Time, delays, extensions of time, damages and taking over
  • Delay analysis, proving delay and technique selection
  • Quantifying the costs of change, prolongation, disruption, profit and overheads
  • Dispute resolution, dispute boards, amicable settlement and ICC arbitration
  • Workshops including delay analysis, practical issues of quantum and dispute board fundamentals

This week-long course has been designed to build your commercial knowledge, deepen your specialist expertise, and broaden your intellectual professional network.


A full programme and papers will be provided on the day.

Key benefits

  • The Dickson Poon School of Law is recognised as one of the best Law School in the world, and the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution is recognised globally as the leader in its field.
  • King’s has an unrivalled central London location, and the course is based in the Strand campus, a few minutes walk from the Royal Courts of Justice, the Inns of Courts and the offices of major global law firms.
  • The course has been developed in consultation with FIDIC executives and endorsed by FIDIC Academy. It is designed to blend their documentation with legal application.
    The course aims to bridge theory and practice, and includes blended teaching with seminars and group discussions involving more than one academic leader, providing plenty of opportunity for discussion and reflection.
  • You will be able to focus on the use of FIDIC contracts in practice, taking into account substantive common law and civil law rules rather than only considering the FIDIC forms in the abstract.
  • Intensive workshop sessions will provide the opportunity to put your gained knowledge and own experiences into practice to focus on legal issues on the mechanics of FIDIC contracts, and the issues and problems that arise in practice.
  • The small class size and structured networking time will enable close instructor interaction and collaboration with other students as well as meaningful professional relations with like-minded peers.
  • Certification of Attendance will jointly be issued between FIDIC and King’s College London.
Price: €1800
Registration Deadline: 22/03/2024
Delivery Method: In-Class
Language: English
Level: Intermediate