Member Associations organizing FIDIC training

Member Associations organizing FIDIC training


FIDIC Academy collaborates with Member Associations in over 25 countries to deliver training services around the world. Please see the list of countries and Member Associations below.

Support to the Member Associations for course organization tailored to the local industry-specific needs. In 2023, the FIDIC member associations organized over 40 FIDIC training courses addressed to their local members in over 20 different countries with 1388 attendees, in collaboration with FIDIC Academy. MAs take 80% of the shared revenues of the training fees.  

If you belong to a FIDIC’s Member Association or Affiliate, you are eligible for a 15% discount on our online public contracts training courses. To obtain the discount code, kindly email your proof of FIDIC membership or affiliation to

Additional benefits of the FIDIC Academy for its member associations:

  • Continuing education and professional development: by supporting the members’ training activity, FIDIC Academy provides local infrastructure professionals with the opportunity to continue their education and professional development, which is essential for staying current in an ever-changing industry. 
  • Provide FIDIC Certified Trainers and training materials: these trainers are experienced professionals who have real-world experience and can provide valuable insights and practical examples focused on the local industry and local legal system. FIDIC Academy trainers are renowned to offer the best quality standard. FIDIC provides trainers who well know the local industry and real cases in the member country or region.  
  • Provide FIDIC Certificates to the participants: these certificates are often required for applying to several bidding processes financed by Development Banks. FIDIC Academy certificates of attendance costs also apply region sensitive pricing for MAs based on the World Bank criteria. 
  • Connection to a respected organisation: As part of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), the FIDIC Academy is connected to a respected and well-established organisation in the engineering industry, which adds credibility and legitimacy to courses and programmes organised under its banner. 
  • FIDIC’s cooperation with multilateral development banks (MDBs) provides its member associations with a resource that enables them to engage proactively in discussion and project bids which utilise FIDIC contracts. 
  • Links to MA education training providers on FIDIC contracts via FIDIC Academy Resources page.  
  • Future Leaders Advisory Council – The Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC) is an advisory council appointed by the FIDIC board whose members are selected from candidates proposed by its member associations. It was formed in 2004 to provide young professionals with the opportunity to participate actively in FIDIC with their peers and to develop the next generation of consulting engineering industry leaders.