FIDIC Academy training platform

FIDIC Academy uses a specialized Learning Management System (LMS) as a training platform. It enables us to organize, administer and implement all our online trainings, and provide the best learning experience to all current and prospective participants.

FIDIC Events

FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) organizes numerous events – conferences, webinars, panel discussions, professional networking events, etc. with the aim to promote best practice, share industry trends, brainstorm and bring about conclusions and solutions in the fast-paced and rapidly-developing infrastructure sector.



These documents cover a range of issues including risk management, project sustainability management, environment, integrity management, dispute resolution techniques and insurance and a number of guides for quality-based selection, procurement and tendering procedures.


FIDIC Body of Knowledge (FBOK)

FIDIC Academy has established a FIDIC Body of Knowledge Forum. The FBOK forum consists of a Dean and two Vice Deans within the governing structure of FIDIC Academy and they are assisted by the FIDIC Academy Management Team. The purpose of the FBOK Forum is to pull together and maintain a virtual library of all FIDIC’s documents including contracts, best practice guides, memoranda, State of the World reports, webinar series and other documentation that pertains to furthering knowledge for the global infrastructure industry. This library will be properly referenced for ease of search and instruction on how to access, download or purchase, depending on the type and category of a document. This is an ongoing endeavor, and more information will follow in due time.