Skills Pack

Skills Pack

Professional development for infrastructure professionals

Why choose FIDIC Academy?

At FIDIC Academy, we’re committed to enhancing the expertise of infrastructure professionals worldwide. Our newly offered Skills Pack is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the sector, offering an expansive range of FIDIC contracts, business practice and FIDIC values courses tailored to fit a variety of budgets and training requirements on a global scale.

What we offer?

Attractive discounted offers: Gain access to world-class professional development without breaking the bank. Our Skills Pack includes top FIDIC Academy courses at exclusive discounts, making investing in your career advancement easier and more affordable.

Expansive course range: Dive into an extensive selection of courses that cover crucial aspects of infrastructure operations, from FIDIC contracts to business and beyond. Our curriculum is curated to foster both knowledge and practical skills, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the industry’s challenges.

Global accessibility: No matter where you are in the world, our courses are accessible and applicable, preparing you to operate proficiently and confidently on an international scale. 

With FIDIC Academy’s Skills Pack, you’re not just investing in your career; you’re unlocking a world of professional development at a discounted cost.

Flexible learning formats:

  • Live (instructor-led) courses: Participate in courses led by instructors in real-time for an interactive learning experience, spread over several weeks. You will receive a welcome email one week prior to the start of your course with all necessary information.

  • On-demand (pre-recorded) courses: Access our pre-recorded courses at your convenience.

FIDIC Skills Pack options:

Skills Pack

Course number and type

FCL offer


Discount code and enrolment info

Live Pack

2  FIDIC Contracts Live courses

2650 €

350 € off regular price


On-demand Pack

7  FIDIC On-demand courses

250 €

100 € off regular price


Live Pack

3  FIDIC Contracts Live courses

Special offer from FIDIC Credentialing  Ltd (FCL) included)*

3500 €

1000 € off regular price


On-demand Pack

10 FIDIC On-demand courses

275 €

225 € off regular price


Live Pack

5  FIDIC Contracts Live courses

Special offer from FIDIC Credentialing  Ltd (FCL) included*

5000 €

2500 € off regular price


On-demand Pack

12  FIDIC On-demand courses

300 €

300 € off regular price


   The On-demand Skills Pack applies to the following on-demand courses:

* FIDIC Credentialing Ltd (FCL) offer 

As part of our ongoing efforts to enrich the FIDIC Academy Skills Pack, we’re including a special offer in collaboration with FIDIC Credentialing. This offer is exclusively available to participants of the Enhanced Live Pack or Premium Live Pack (live contracts courses only): 

Individual Premium Live Pack Benefits: 


Individual Enhanced Live Pack Benefits: 

  • Waived Application Fee: Participants of the Enhanced Live Pack also benefit from the waiver of the application fee for one of the FCCEFCCP, or FCCM exams.

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By signing up, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance on how to smoothly register for your selected Skills Pack utilising the discount coupon codes, ensuring you embark on your learning journey with ease. Allow us to support you in unlocking a world of professional development opportunities!


1: All seats must be used within 24 months of purchase and cannot carry over to a subsequent 24-month period.

2: All seats can only be taken for the courses listed in the packages.

3: Once a Skills Pack has been activated, (paid for) no refunds are available after seats in courses have been used.

4: Refunds are only provided within 30 days from the date of purchase providing no seats have been used within the membership package.

5: All courses must be taken at the dates and time scheduled by FIDIC Academy as part of its public online training products.

6: FIDIC Academy reserves the right to cancel learning bundle and any associated registrations. A refund will be given in the event of cancellation of any course(s) associated with a learning bundle. FIDIC Academy reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any course.

7: All payments must be completed using bespoke discount codes for a SKILLS PACK before participants can register to courses.

8: Once a course has started, the seat allocation will be subtracted from the Skills Pack allocation. Skills Pack may not be transferred to other individuals.

9: All courses must involve knowledge checks as part of the course.

10: All courses are run online on the FIDIC Academy learning platform.

11: A certificate of completion/attendance will be issued for each course in a Skills Pack, providing the participant has satisfied all course conditions.

12: Any transactions with FIDIC Credentialing Limited (FCL) must be processed via its website, not FIDIC Academy’s website for any participant who wishes to apply for an examination with FCL.

13: Participation in FIDIC Credentialing Limited (FCL) exams at the dates and time scheduled by FIDIC Credentialing (FCL) as part of its public online schedule

14: Participation in the FCL exams is subject to candidates meeting each programme’s pre-requisites.