Frequently Asked Questions

The Contracts courses have been designed to offer a complete up-to-date review of the effective understanding and use of the FIDIC Contracts currently in use. The Business Practice courses address business topics such as risk management, integrity management, and sustainable project management, among others in order to offer those working in the global infrastructure industry a holistic overview of the subjects when working in FIDIC contracts.

Find out more information on the different subject matters/topics covered in our courses here.

In this case, it is recommended to start with FIDIC Contracts Introductory Course (formerly known as FIDIC Module 1). It presents the main contracts’ clauses (Red, Yellow, and Silver books) with a very practical approach, completed through case studies and group work. 

Depending on your level of proficiency in a topic, you should ensure that you have covered the fundamentals (foundation level) in order to proceed to intermediate or advanced levels in a given topic. Please check each course and if pre-requisites are required.

You will find on FIDIC Academy all courses currently provided on the on the COURSES tab of the website.  

Yes. All official FIDIC courses provide a FIDIC Academy certificate of completion.  

The online courses require the following criteria to be met to obtain the attendance certificates: 

A certificate will be provided by FIDIC Academy to the participants having attended all sessions and/or submitted required assignments aligned with the course-specific certificate criteria.

Rest assured that if you previously took a course and received a certificate, you gained the necessary knowledge and a certificate of completion which are fully valid and coherent with the corresponding newly-titled courses.

In case you wish to pursue any of FCL’s certifications, you can submit your certificate(s) as part of the required documentation.

Yes, the content of the online courses is based on the same FIDIC Academy curriculum as the face-to-face courses.

The approach to the explanation of the content, analysis of practical case studies, and homework could differ slightly from course to course. Both online and face-to-face courses strive towards active learning among participants.

Online courses can take several forms in terms of structure and contact hours. Between each course session, homework is often assigned with the trainer presenting case studies to be analyzed and a list of questions to be answered.

The online courses are designed to be interactive to promote active learning, offering the opportunity to exchange with the other participants and the trainers. The online courses offer the chance to meet and network with participants from around the globe.

FIDIC Academy organises and facilitates courses specially designed for corporate and international organisations’ staff working in the global infrastructure sector. The client defines the content of the course needed, the time, and the number of participants, indicating their prior knowledge of FIDIC-related materials. FIDIC will contact and engage a FIDIC-certified trainer and provide a proposal to the prospective. The client will discuss the course details with the trainer. A course certificate will be provided for participants who have successfully completed all course requirements.

To enquire about a FIDIC private course, please complete the form here.

FIDIC Academy will continue to develop contracts course material. As there are updated versions of the FIDIC Bronze and Emerald books due in the near future, corresponding training material and courses will come out of these. FIDIC Academy is also continuing to develop courses in business and FIDIC values topics. Six courses have already been released in 2023 with at least another four to come in the remainder of the year. This process will continue into 2024. FIDIC Academy will also use the results from its annual stakeholder market research survey to guide the direction of travel.  

In terms of the on-demand courses to date, these have been set at a very competitive price point, very much in line with MOOCS (Mass Open Online Courses). In 2023, FIDIC Academy also reduced the public online courses in contracts topics by 20%. Long term, FIDIC Academy is seeking a secure system that will allow for regionsensitive pricing that is compatible with its Learning Management System (LMS) 

There are many benefits: 

Industry-specific courses: FIDIC Academy offers a wide range of courses and programmes that are tailored to the specific needs of infrastructure professionals, providing them with relevant and practical knowledge and skills. 

Taught by experienced professionals: FIDIC Academy courses are taught by experienced professionals who have real-world experience and can provide valuable insights and practical examples. FIDIC Academy training and its trainers are renowned to offer the best quality standard. 

Connection to a respected organisation: As part of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), the FIDIC Academy is connected to a respected and well-established organisation in the engineering industry, which adds credibility and legitimacy to its courses and programmes. 

Continuing education and professional development: FIDIC Academy provides infrastructure professionals with the opportunity to continue their education and professional development, which is essential for staying current in an ever-changing industry. 

Flexible learning options: FIDIC Academy provides flexible learning options, including online, on-demand and in-person courses, to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals. 

Global Recognition: FIDIC Academy is a global organisation whose expertise in the industry is recognised worldwide. 

Networking opportunities: FIDIC Academy provides opportunities for learners to connect with other professionals. 

FIDIC Academy provides education and training the global infrastructure industry whereas FIDIC Credentialing Limited (FCL) offers examination leading to certification. FCL is a subsidiary of FIDIC whereas FIDIC Academy is part of FIDIC.  

In terms of connection, FIDIC Academy offers an array of contract, business and values courses that can be used to help professionals prepare to sit one of the FCL examinations leading to formal certification.  

FCL is a subsidiary of FIDIC, but as an independent body, it provides examination and certification services for persons globally. 

FIDIC used its ecosystem and longstanding relationships with firms and organisations in the global infrastructure sector to seek out those individuals best suited to the roles within the senate and faculties. These industry leaders serve as strategic sounding boards for the education and development of various curricula. The current terms of reference are three years for senate members and two years terms for discipline heads. Anyone interested can contact the FIDIC Academy management team for further information for 2024 and beyond 

Any trainer working with FIDIC Academy on the FIDIC’s contracts courses must have FIDIC Certified Trainer (FCT) status in the context of the FIDIC suite of contracts. For business and values courses, trainers must be experienced in their given field within the context of global infrastructure sector.  

Yes, eventually, the idea is to have a membership portal via the FIDIC website and Learning Management System. This will be based on annual fee and access to a defined number of courses across contracts, business and FIDIC Values. FIDIC Academy is currently building its portfolio of courses beforehand to develop various tiers of membership it can offer to individuals and to infrastructure firms.  

There are several potential opportunities to incorporate AI via gamification and interactive elements into Academy courses on its Learning Management System (LMS). Some examples include having an automated points / reward system that provides learners with incentives or prizes such as vouchers, discounts, or merchandise relative to their uptake of Academy courses. Similarly, using AI to create a contest system that awards learners for achieving certain milestones in their learning and this can be displayed in the form of automated badges on the learners’ profiles and shared on their social media platforms as well as receiving a ranking on the leaderboard of each specific contest. FIDIC Academy is also looking at an AI Bot tool that can answer questions 24/7 for its website.  

Of course, there are potential pitfalls with AI, such as data privacy concerns and the potential for bias in providing ‘factual’ information and decision making. Any AI tool/algorithm used as a bot service to our customers, algorithms will need to be trained on unbiased data. Secondly, AI tools can easily create FIDIC online courses. Therefore, FIDIC Academy needs to focus ensuring a competitive advantage that is more than just knowledge delivery by integrating discussions, networking opportunities and case studies specific to FIDIC library (FBOK) as well as Academy membership offers to offer exclusive content. Finally, a constant surveillance and security of AI systems is needed as they may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Not a problem! Please contact us via email and we will happy to assist with further questions.