FIDIC Academy shall be overseen in respect of its governance, capital and administration by the FIDIC Board. Regulation and oversight of FIDIC Academy’s course content, learning and development activities and operations shall be undertaken by the FIDIC Academy Senate, which reports to the FIDIC Board.

The subjects covered within FIDIC Academy shall include, among others, contracts, FIDIC’s core values (sustainability, integrity, and quality) and other best business practice subjects in line with FIDIC’s objectives and the FIDIC Body of Knowledge (FBOK). Each subject area shall be defined as a discipline contained within one of the three FIDIC Academy Faculties: Contracts, FIDIC Values and Business Practice.

Faculty members shall be sourced from consulting engineering firms within FIDIC member associations, universities,
other learning bodies and private companies experienced in the faculty discipline.

Each of the Faculties and the FBOK Forum shall operate through a Terms of Reference, which shall be reviewed
periodically by the Senate.


The Senate is responsible for regulating and overseeing FIDIC Academy’s course content, learning and development activities and operations. The Senate reports to the FIDIC Board through its Chancellor. Senate members include the Dean of the FBOK Forum and the Deans of the Faculties of Contracts, Business Practice and FIDIC Values.

Chris Cole


FIDIC Vice-President

Stephane Giraud

Dean of FBOK Forum

Chris Seppala

Dean of Faculty of Contracts

Jose Ortiz-Garcia

Dean of Faculty of Business Practice

Anne Kerr

Dean of Faculty of FIDIC Values

Kourosh Kayvani

Senate Member

Daduna Kokhreidze

Senate Member

Discipline Heads

The Discipline Heads within the three faculties are responsible for formulating, editing, maintaining and updating the detailed subject matters and learning outcomes of their disciplines, and for guiding the FIDIC Academy Management Team in ensuring course content provided by the trainers match that information.

Michele Kruger

Vice-Dean of FBOK Forum

Andrew Read

Vice-Dean of FBOK Forum

Abdel Moniem

Head of Use of FIDIC Contracts

Nina Tsaturova

Head of Contract Principles

Javier Sanchez Llopes

Head of Dispute Avoidance & Resolution

Prashant Kapila

Head of Consulting Business

Liam Hayes

Head of People Management

Joanne Carmichael

Head of Leadership

Michael Walker

Head of Project Management

Adam Bialachowski

Head of Business Finance

Nita Rabadia

Head of Quality Management

Harriet Hindmarsh

Head of Marketing & Communications

Dilek Macit

Head of Project Procurement and Project Finance

Tom Smith

Head of Design Management

Jeshika Moonsamy

Head of Sustainability Management

Thea Weeks

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Julianna Fox

Head of Integrity Management

FIDIC Academy Management Team

The FIDIC Academy Management team oversees the day to day running of the Academy and reports to the Senate. 

Michael Broadley

General Manager

Silvia Fossati

Training Manager

Andrea Sehic

Senior Advisor

Chanel Holder

Training and Events Executive

Chrystal Udenweze

Academy Coordinator

Samuel Mwamsamali

Samuel Mwamsamali

Regional Manager, Africa